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      Bachelor Degree Courses

      Faculty of Natural Resources and Agro-Industry

      Bachelor Degree

      Bachelor of Science in Food Technology (B.Sc.)
      Bachelor of Science in  Natural Resources (B.Sc.)
      Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Resources and Production (B.Sc.)
      Bachelor of Science in Food safety and Nutrition (B.Sc.)
      Bachelor of Science in Animal Science (B.Sc.)
      Bachelor of Science in Fisheries (B.Sc.)

      Faculty of Science and Engineering

      Bachelor Degree

      Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering (B Eng.)
      Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering (B Eng.)
      Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering (B Eng.)
      Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (B.Sc.)
      Bachelor of Science in Applied Chemistry (B.Sc.)
      Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (B.Sc.)

      Faculty of Liberal Arts and Management Science

      Bachelor Degree

      Bachelor of Accountancy (B.Acc)
      Bachelor of Business Administration in Management (B.B.A.)
      Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing (B.B.A.)
      Bachelor of Business Administration in Hotel and Tourism Management (B.B.A.)
      Bachelor of Arts in English (B.A.)
      Bachelor of Business Administration in Financing (B.B.A)

      Faculty of Public Health

      Bachelor Degree

      Bachelor of Public Health (B.P.H.)

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